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Four sockets support :

CF Slot : CF (Compact Flash Card), CF II (Compact Flash Card), MD (Micro Drive), Magic-Store Driver

S M Slot. SM (Smart Media), SM RAM Card (Smart Media), XD Card (EC4S8202A-01 not support xD)

M S Slot. MS (Memory Stick), MS Pro (Memory Stick), MS- Magic Gate (Memory Stick)

MS memory Select Function (Memory Stick), MS Pro Ultra II, MS Pro Magic Gate,

MS Rom

MS Duo (Memory Stick), MS Pro Duo (Memory Stick), MS Duo Magic Gate,

MS Pro Duo Magic Gate

SD Slot : SD (Secure Digital), MMC (Multi Media Card)

Mini SD (Secure Digital), RS MMC (Multi Media Card), Trans Flash (TF) with adaptor.

>Multiple-Slot Card Reader/Write .

>Allows data exchange in different sockets.

>IBM PC USB Compatible.

>High USB 2.0 Interface (USB1.1) SPECIFICATION:

>Four sockets support Secure Digital Card, Multi Media Card, Memory Stick Card, Memory Stick

Pro, Smart Media Card, CF I , CF II , IBM Micro drive and xD (8 in 1 not support xD).

>Supports Hot-Swapping

>Four active LED support four socket each, indicators read/write equipped.

>USB transfer rate: USB2.0 High-Speed 480MB/Sec

Full-Speed at 12MB/sec.

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