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>Flash DISK capacity 32MB to 256MB.

>Super small size (W:12.5mm L:46.3mm H:4.7mm) and easy USE.

>Support USB2.0 High-speed mode (480 Mbps).

>Truly Plug & Play automatic system configuration.

>Only USB power, no need other power supply.



>ass storage calss controller with Universal Bus interface.

>USB Specification Compliance

--- Conforms to high-speed(480Mb/s) USB Specification Version 2.0

--- Meet bus power specification

>Integrated USB transceiver

--- Dynamic feedback control

--- Stable slew rate, independent of external loading

>Integrated USB Serial Interface Engine(SIE)

>12 MHz external clock.

>3.3V power operation

>Power / Activity LED: 1 LEDS for bus power in and Read/Write

>DC Characteristice-1(Ta=0 oC to +70 oC Vcc=3.3Vą10%)

>Enclosure: Plastics.


>IBM Compatible PC or Mac PC.
>USB Host card or USB HUB device.
>Support OS:

Win XP, Win 2000, Windows ME, Linux 2.4 above and MAC OS 9.0 & higher

Win 98/Win98SE driver available, Mac 8.6 mass storage driver available from Apple,

Multiple LUN Windows driver is available

Packing Including:

>One Super mini Flash DISK * 1.

>One Driver CD
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