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  1. Palm size and easy to carry out
  2. Color LCD Display (65K true color)
  3. MP3 Music play back
  4. Digital voice recording/encoding
  5. Game player
  6. FM radio
  7. World timer
  8. Customization setting
Specification: Audio Decode
  1. MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 3 decoder with time-scale modification
  2. Digital volume control
  3. Digital bass control
  4. Digital treble control
  5. Normal/Repeat all/ Repeat one/Random/Preview play mode
  6. A->B Repeat

Audio Encode: VOR (Voice Operation Recording: Mute detection) function

MPEG 1/2 Layer 3 encoder: MPEG1/2 Layer3 format encoder

FM Radio: (87.5 MHZ~108.0MHZ)

Voice Record: Microphone, mute detection, Line in , support CD Player, Cassette, FM tune etc.

Language select: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Available in future: Korean, French, German, Japanese...

Source Explorer

  1. File and system resource management
  2. TXT View
  3. BMP graph view (less than 160 x 120)
  4. WAV & MP3 Play

Timer: World timer

Game: Boxes, Gobang, Russia, Huarongdao, Black-white

Customization setting:

  1. Consumer setting menu
  2. Rate songs
  3. Shuffle songs or albums
  4. Repeat one or all or random
  5. Sound check on or off
  6. Backlight timer
  7. Display contrast
  8. Alarms on off or silent
  9. Sleep timer
  10. Date and time
  11. Display time in menu bar
  12. Sort and display by name

Skin select: Desktop & MP3 Player background graph change

Background play: View E-book or show BMP graph under MP3 Playing

Hardware Configurations:
  1. Storage: 128/256/512 MB
  2. Display: 1.8" TFT 65K true color LCD, Resolution 160 x 128, pitch 0.219mm
  3. Ports: Line-in Jack, Stereo 7 pin Jack, Remote control earphone
  4. Connectivity: USB 1.1 through 5 pin mini-USB Connector
  5. Internal microphone available
  6. 2 color LED1: USB status LED

                      LED2: Charge status LED

Remote control hardware configurations:

128x16 Mono LCD display with blue backlight

Usage configurations:

  1. Battery life: Over 10 hours under playing
  2. Charge time: 3 hours (1 hour fast charge to 80% capacity)
  3. Charge through USB Connector
System Requirement:  Window 98, Window 2000/XP
Dimension/Weight:  About 80mmx55mmx17mm/ About 80 g
Approvals:  CE, FCC Certificates
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