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MagicStor Drive
> Industry standard CF+ Type II interface
> PCMCIA Type II compatibility (for PCMCIA adapters)
> Fast 4200 RPM operation and intelligent power-saving mode
> Rugged 1500G shock resistant rating
> Ultra compact and lightweight (16 grams)
> Capacity : 1GB,2GB,2.2GB,3GB, 4GB,5GB,6GB
> Interface : CF+ Type II
> Media Type : Glass
> Rotational speed : 4,200RPM
> Media transfer rate : 52.4 - 99.6 Mbits/sec.
> Transfer rate : 3.3 - 6.5 Mbytes/sec.
> Seek Time (avg.) : 10msec.
> Error rate(unrecoverable) : 1 per bit
> Head load/unload cycles : 300,000
> Voltage : 3.3/5.0 VDC +/_ 5% Auto Detect
> Current (write) : 275mA
> Current (idle) : 18mA
> Dimension : 42.8 X 36.4 X 5.0 mm
> Shock (half sine) : 175G (2ms) operating
> Vibration (swept sine) : 1G 0-peak (5-500Hz) operating
MagicStor is a 2.2GB (4GB) media device that writes (saves pictures and data) faster than CompactFlash. It is lightweight, portable and compatible with any Type II CompactFlash card or Microdrive slot.



Compact Flash Cards (CF Cards)
> Available in 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB capacities
> Fully compatible with CompactFlash"! Association (CFA) specification    standards
> Solid State and non-volatile
> Compatible with PC Card Type II for quick loading and off-loading
> Low Power Consumption
> 3.3V and 5V dual voltage power support
> 50 pin two pieces connector and Type I (3.3mm)
> Ultra fast data transferring read / write / erase
> One year warranty and guaranteed 100% compatible
> Plug-and-Play ready
> 1/3 size of a PC Card
> PCMCIA specifications and hot-swappable
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The ideal solution for digital cameras, palmtops, PDAs, MP3 players, cellular smart phones and digital voice recorders. CompactFlash"! Cards have high memory capacities and are the perfect choice for storing high resolution digital images. Files on CompactFlash cards may easily be transfered to desktop or laptop computers for viewing, image-editing, e-mailing, posting to websites, archiving, and printing. CompactFlash cards may be used over and over again saving time and money..



Memory Stick
> Up to 1GB,2GB,4GB,16GB,32GB of Storage Capacity
> Ultra-small, thin design is ideal for use in small digital AV electronics products    such as the Sony Digital Handycam Camcorder (DCR-TRV900)
> Small size, and light weight (only 4 grams)
> Rugged 10-pin connector ensures foolproof insertion, easy removal, and    reliable connection
> Erasure Prevention Switch helps prevent stored data from accidentally being    erased
> 1.5MB/sec. Write Speed; 2.45MB/sec Read Speed
> Original Serial Protocol ensures forward compatibility with higher compatibility    with higher capacity models to be developed in the future.

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Memory Stick media is the universal media for digital data transferring, storing and sharing. It allows you to share digital files between compatible PCs, cameras, camcorders, portable audio players, videoconferencing systems, projectors and more. You can store your digital files such as MP3, digital pictures, and word spreadsheets in your memory stick media. It's very simple to use and has much more advantages-- it's tentimes smaller, 128 MB capacity and is solid state media for high reliability.

Multimedia Cards
> Available in 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB capacities
> Fully compliant with MultiMedia"! Card system specification version 2.11
> Password data access protection
> Solid State and non-volatile
> 4kV ESD protection
> High speed serial interface with random access
> Low Power 2.7V to 3.6V Power Supply
> SPI Interface supported
> Stream read / write and tagged erase supported
> No external programming voltage required
> One year warranty and guaranteed 100% compatible
> Plug-and-Play ready
> Size of miniature stamp

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Multimedia"! Cards are very small, removable flash storage devices that are ideal solutions for portable battery powered devices such as digital cameras, MP3 audio players, organizers, palmtops, Smart Phones, pagers, PDAs, electronic dictionaries and books. Using the MPEG data compression technology, the MultiMedia"! Card delivers sizable capacity for all kinds of multimedia data.

Secure Digital Cards (SD Cards)
SD Cards are used in handheld devices, MP3 players, smart phones, digital camcorders, digital cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and more.
> Proven cryptographic security for copyrighted data protection.
> Security level complies with both current and future Secure Digital Music    Initiative (SDMI) portable device requirement
> High transfer rate for fast copy/download
> High storage capacity in a "thumbprint" format - 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB capacities
> Solid State, non-volatile format & lower power requirements
> New devices with SD Card slots will accept existing MultiMedia Cards
> Operating shock rating of 2,000Gs, equivalent to a 10-foot drop to the floor
> Hardcore Durable - reliable in blazing hot deserts, or freezing cold tundras .    vailable in 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB capacities



Smart Media Cards
SD Cards are used in handheld devices, MP3 players, smart phones, digital camcorders, digital cameras, Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers and more.
> Available in 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB capacities
> SmartMedia"! specification standard
> Compliant with the Physical Media Format from the SSFDC Forum
> Solid State and non-volatile
> Low Power Consumption
> 3.3V read/write
> Ultra fast data transferring
> One year warranty and guaranteed 100% compatible
> Plug-and-Play ready
> Size of miniature stamp
> Hot-swappable




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