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Technical Details

• Allows up to 4 HDMI devices (DVD, DVR, Satellite & Cable TV, Blu-Ray, PS3, Xbox,...) to share a single HD Display (HDTV, Projector)
• HDMI v1.3 certified to support the newest HD devices and HDTVs
• Supports Blu-Ray, PS3, Xbox, HD-DVD, HD-DVR
• Supports ALL HDMI resolutions
• Supports 2x the bandwidth of v1.2

Product Description

The DigiView 4-Port (4X1) 1.3 HDMI CERTIFIED switch is the ideal solution for multiple HD devices to share a single HDMI display. This new v1.3 switch offers the enhancement of support for high bandwidth HDMI 1.3 signals. It is fully compatible with all prior versions of HDMI and will support all the new features including DEEP COLOR (high color bit depth) and enhanced multi-channel digital audio formats (Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio). The HDMI Switcher allows access to multiple HDMI devices, such as DVD players and Satellite set-top boxes to one HDMI display.

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