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Raid+ Drive Enclosure Kit is a 2 bay external hard drive kit for two SATA hard disk drive that offers a low-priced, "instant" storage solution for archive backups, large-capacity portable storage, classified/sensitive data storage, or just extra disk storage. The USB Drive supports Plug & Play "Hot Swapping" through the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port for instant access to your files and data and high speed data transfer, up to 480mb/sec via USB 2.0. You will never need to worry about your hard disk drive malfunction with the Raid technology. The instant duplication of data gives you peace of mind in the event of hard disk drive failure. You ALWAYS have a back up


Aluminum Construction
Known for it's exceptional properties for being lightweight, high rigidity and superior heat dissipation capabilities,
Aluminum is an obvious choice when it comes to constructing a quality hard drive enclosure, especially with the excess heat generated from the high-speed hard drives available in the market.

None-RAID: (Single Mode) Computer will show up as two independent drives. This function can be use if only one HDD is installed. Or, two different brands or capacities of HDDs are installed.


Two HDDs will show up as one large single drive.
Spanning is an array (not RAID) that is written
sequentially across two drives.




Two HDDs will show up as one large single drive but speed performance will boost up. The two HDDs will write Data in “column” effect. This form of array splits each piece of Data across both HDDs in segments. Data are store between first HDD and second HDD. While the HDD is stripe in writing, the next head of next HDD is move to next track to write.
The Data is writing without any form of data-checking. Once one HDD is damage and all Data can be lost.





Using this mode will require 2 identical HDDs; meaning they must be the same capacity, brand and model number. Under RAID1, it will create an extra copy (or mirror) set of data to second drive. The backup data are more important for safe keeping and the available data only show up in one large single drive. This is useful when first HDD fail and it can be replaced by second set of identical data instantly.



• USB 2.0 (1 port)
Supporting Hard Disk Drive
• All Brand of 3.5" SATA / 2 up to 1000GB
• Must put Identical HDD in the enclosure
Supporting OS
• Microsoft Window 2000 / XP / VISTA
• Mac OS
Partition Format
• NTFS for Windows
• HFS+ for Mac OS
Hard Disk Drive Jumper Setting
• Single / Master
AC Power Adapter
• Input: 100V - 240V ~ 50/60 Hz Max 1.5A; 75~100VA
• Output: 5V - 2A, 12V - 2A
Product Weight & Dimension
• 650g
• 145 (W) x 225 (L) x 59 (H) mm
Safety Specification:
Product Origin:
• Taiwan

Package Contents:

• HUR1-SU2 Enclosure
• USB 2.0 Cable x 1
• External Power Adapter (AC Input: 100 - 240V, DC Output +12V/2A, +5V/2A)
• Power cord
• Screw Driver
• Accessories Pouch (screws)
• OEM Package

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