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Function: 1.8" HDD, Card Reader ( SM, SD, MMC, MS, CF, Micro Drive)

LCD: 64 X 40 mm, seven-segment FSTN
103 X 65 X 24 mm3.
250 grams (without 1.8 HDD and cards)
rechargeable 700 mA Li battery
Data transferring interface:
USB 2.0 (HDD)USB 1.1 (card(s))
Storage media:
1.8 HDD and cards (SM, SD, MMC, MS, CF, Micro Drive)


  1. USB 2.0 HDD enclosure equipped with one card slot
  2. Supporting hot swapping for card reader use
  3. Supporting multiple partition on HDD
  4. Automatically data copying from card to HDD
  5. Large scale LCD (64 X 40 mm) showing operating states
  6. Built-in rechargeable battery
  7. Rechargeable through either USB port or AC / DC adapter
  8. Driverless for operating in Win ME / 2000 / XP, MAC 9.0 or later
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