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  1. 1.2  OLED 65k Color LCD
  2. Built- in Speaker and Microphone
  3. Capacity :64MB,128MB,256MB,512MB,1G
  4. USB2.0 PC Interface (FULL speed)
  5. Synchronized display of ID3 song words
  6. Efficacy: Can be used with mp3 earphone w/o oled 8 hours
  7. Built-in Lithium battery
  8. Music Format:MP3/WMA//WAV/ASF/DMV/DRM 9(OPTIONAL DRM 10)
  10. Preview music,cycle one,cycle all,play normal, random, A-B repeat
  11. Digital Voice Record
  12. FM Tuner and FM internal recording
  13. Line-in
  14. Tel book function
  15. Headphone Amp & Driver
  16. Picture Review (JPG and BMP format)
  17. Languange: English, Chinese GB, Chinese BIG5
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