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Partner With Us! Proud to be AMC Family!

The AMCing! program

The AMCing! program prides itself on service and knowledge. With over 20 years of experience, AMC is one of leaders in the field of technology. While it provides top quality to the industry, it continues to seek improvements to enhance the user's experience.

AMCing! brand logos that appear on systems are symbols of advertisement and assurance for users. The assurance is of the excellence and dependability they will receive that using AMCing! product. The logo will also be reminiscent of the exceptional product.

AMCing! Includes

  • Complimentary training for engineers to have the finest knowledge in the field.
  • Premium E-mail support service within 24 hours.
  • Product update and system patch announcement in priority

How to be part of AMCing!

  • Must purchase a minimum amount of AMC certified products
  • Must have a plan to advertise AMCing! to buyers and users
  • Must provide at least one technical person to be trained directly by AMC

Pre-Qualification Application Form

Download AMCing! logo1(600x380)

Download AMCing! logo2(600x380)


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