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AMC Acoustic Isolation Silicone Earbuds for MP3 players/iPod - OEM




  1. Compatible with a wide range of audio/video or gaming devices.
  2. Light weighted, in-the-ear design with multiple sizes of soft silicon ear pads
  3. Two custom-designed pro stereo speakers

High quality, Super Light weight design.
Your digital music player needs earbuds that can hang around your neck. The E3220 is a step up from the standard ear buds, delivering premium Sound with superior bass all in a light weight design. The classic type of earbud with cool designed of white with blue accents is compatible with a wide range of portable audio/video or gaming devices.  


    • High performance accessory for your iPod, PSP, MP3 player or portable DVD player
    • Earbuds feature Acoustic Sealing Isolation technology
    • High gauss ultra high power neodymium magnet technology
    • Two custom-designed pro-stereo speakers
    • Balanced treble, mid, and bass distribution with active noise reduction
    • Super small at just 9 mm diameter
    • Supports pro stereo and 3D multi-channel surround sounds
    • Special closed-type design
    • Super light, in-the-ear design with multiple sizes of soft silicon ear pads
    • Premium gold-plated 3.5 mm connector
    • iPod compatible
    • 6 ~ 23kHz frequency response
    • The wire on the right side of the earbuds is longer to go around your neck.
    • Including multiple size of pure silicon ear pads accommodate a full range of ears. (3 pairs)
    • OEM package
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