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01. High performance accessory for your iPod, PSP, MP3 player or portable DVD player
02. Ear buds feature Acoustic Sealing Isolation technology
03. Two custom-designed pro-stereo speakers
04. Balanced treble, mid, and bass distribution
05. Super small at just 9 mm diameter
06. Supports pro stereo and simulated 3D multi-channel surround sounds
07. Super light, in-the-ear design with multiple sizes of soft silicon ear pads
08. 3.5 mm Premium gold-plated connector
09. iPod compatible
10. Necklace design: the right ear bud has a longer wire to go around the neck.


01. Frequency response band: 16-23KHZ
02. Impedance: 16ohms
03. Frequency response: 100 db (1kHz/1V rms)
04. Earbuds diameter: 9mm
05. Connector: 3.5mm
06. Attached accessory: Silicon tip covers (S*M*L *2)
07. Product size: 81 cm
08. Package size: 16*9*2.7 cm

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