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The stereo earphones Style feature a securing system. A small "stopper" holds the earphones securely to the outer ear, while rubber pads ensure a comfortable and ergonomic fit. The sound quality is detailed, clear and transparent.

1: Innovative holding system in the outer ear. Twist-to-fit design ensures best possible fit
2: Basswind system PLUS for extremely powerful bass response
3: High-quality sound: Experience high-quality sound with these earbuds, which feature a specially-tuned damping system that ensures detailed sound reproduction.
4. 3.5 mm Premium Gold-Plated connector

• Frequency response band:17-21KHZ
• Impedance: 64ohms
• Frequency response: 115db (1kHz/1V rms)
• Speaker diameter: 15mm
• Connector: 3.5mm
• Product size: 128 cm
• Package size: 16*9*2.7cm
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