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  • Easy Set-up! Auto Configuration
    AMC LAN Drive builds in auto configuration function so that you do not need to have the knowledge of network setting. AMC LAN Drive has automatic Hostname and IP setting, so it could execute network configuration automatically after connect to network
  • Power Management
    When there isn't any hard drive activity within 15 minutes, the LAN Drive will power down to reduce power consumption. The sleep time can be configured via the web control panel.
  • Access files from multiple PCs
  • Fits any 3.5 Hard Disk Drive
  • Innovative heat sink to prevent hard drive from overheating
  • The size limitation for the LAN Drive
    The LAN Drive support LBA (48-Bit Logical Block Addressing) which in theory include all hard drives from 32GB to 2 terabytes.
  • SAMBA & FTP, 2 Servers in 1
    AMC LAN Drive provides SAMBA server and FTP server functions. Under SAMBA server, user could use AMC LAN Drive as NAS through Network Neighborhood. Under FTP server, AMC LAN Drive becomes a high efficiency FTP file server, and could access AMC LAN Drive through Internet from any place. Furthermore, LAN Drive could use as DHCP server.


Network connection method

Available network environment

Connection type
RJ-45 and USB 2.0

Supporting Protocol

TCP/IP, NBNS (Net BIOS Name Server), Microsoft Networks (CIFS/SMB), HTTP 1.0 and HTML 2.0, DHCP Server/Client (Auto detection), SNTP Client and Telnet Server

Supporting Operation System

Microsoft Windows 98SE, Microsoft Windows ME, Microsoft Windows NT4.0, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP and MAC OS X (10.3.X or above versions)
*This product must browse with Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher versions.

IP Acquisition Method


System Time

Supporting NTP (Network Time Protocol Server)

Supporting Hard Disk Transmission Specification

Ultra ATA / 133: *To ensure data transmission efficiency, LAN Drive must use hard disk that supports Ultra DMA.

Partition Configuration

FAT 32: *Up to 4GB Single File System Support !

Product Dimension

94(W) x 53(D) x 175(H) mm


900g (Exclude hard disk)

Safety Specification


  • AMC LAN Drive Enclosure
  • Vertical Stand
  • Kit (Including fasten screw x 4, Power cable x 1)
  • Power Adapter (Input: 100V-240V ~ 50/60Hz Max 1.5A 75~100VA, Output: 5V-2A, 12V 2A)
  • RJ-45 cable (1.0M x1)
  • USB 2.0 Cable (1.0M x 1 )
  • User Manual
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