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AMC's Elegant Dual Tone molding Premium GOLD Series HDMI version 1.3 Certified cable supports all HDTV resolutions including
480i, 480p, 720i, 720p,1080i, 1080p and new 1440p. Supports Blu-Ray, PS3, Xbox, HD-DVD, HD-DVR, Satellite and Cable Box,...


-Supports Playstation3, Xbox360, HD-DVD, HD-DVR, Apple TV, Satellite and Cable boxes, Cameras and Camcorders, Blu-Ray...
-HDMI v1.3 certified to support the newest HD devices and HDTVs
-Recommended for Blu-Ray and other high resolution HD devices and HDTVs
-Elegant Dual tone molding and Premium GOLD Series for best picture quality

**Available length 6ft/10ft/15ft**

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