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USB Flash Drive AMC-UP123


  1. Capacity:4MBIT(512KB)/Up to 56 photos
  2. Interface:USB1.1 Interface
  3. Transfer rate:56 KB/S
  4. Battery:3.7V Polymeric Lithium Battery 180mAh
  5. Battery Life:3 Hours
  6. Charging Time:1.5 Hour
  7. Dimensions (Body): Square- 47X41X15.7 mm; Round- 50X50X16.4 mm; Diamond- 44.5X44.5X16.6 mm
  8. Dimensions (With Box) : 304X130X75.8 mm
  9. Weight (Body) : 42g
  10. Format: Any picture format
  11. LCD: 1 CSTN LCD, Resolution 96x64, 4096 colors
  12. Chip Set: Master Chipset- MR7910 ; Flash ROM- 39VF040


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