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Want to share multiple peripherals with up to 2 computers? This USB 2.0 Peripheral Sharing Switch can connect up to two computers, and it is the most ideal solution for sharing a printer or any USB device such as pen drive, scanner, USB hub… etc. For the maximum convenience, this unique switch also works with USB-enable Windows or Mac, or Linux computers.


• Save desk space and slim design.
• Installs easily with plug-and-play convenience.
• Cross-over for the use of USB Peripheral devices.
• 2-Port USB Downstream peripheral switch.
• Fully compliant with all USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices.
• Supports “hot swapping” for all your USB devices.
• 2 LEDs per port indicating monitoring port status
• With Over Current Protection to insure your safety.
• Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux OS.

Package contents:

• USB 2.0 Sharing Switch
• 2 X USB A/B cable, L: 5ft.
• Power Adapter 5V/2.6A


1.Plug the USB device cable into the downstream port of your computer.
2.Connect the USB devices such as printer, hub, pen drive...etc into any of the downstream on the USB sharing switch unit.
3.Computer will automatically detect the sharing switch unit and/or USB device.

Important note: the sharing switch must be connected to a USB 2.0 compliant host to function with USB 2.0 speed mode. If this device is connected to USB 1.1 complaint host, it will operate only in USB 1.1 speeds.



Model No.


Upstream Port


Downstream Port



Each port with 2 LEDs to show used PC

Operating System

Windows, Linux, Mac




92 * 59 * 24 (mm)

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