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   Flash Type Digital Audio Player


Function: MP3 Player, FM Tuner

LED: displays on a  'Y-shape'' of the front

Size: 67.55024.5 mm

Weight : 45grams(with battery) Power: rechargeable: 230 mA Li-Battery Data transferring interface: USB 2.0 Storage media: on-board flash memory (32/64/128 MB)


1. Decode: MP3/WMA format

2. Supporting DRM under WMA format FM tuner built-in

3. Sporty outlook and robust design for indoor/outdoor use

4. FF/REW for content of single song or next / previous song selection

5. Rechargeable through either USB A-Type to mini USB cable

6. Five preset EQ adjustment for superior sound effect

7. Firmware upgradeable through USB port

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