The AMC Premium Gold Series Composite (RYW) Audio Video Cable provides excellent connections for your Audio/Video equipments. This ultra-high density pure copper cable is designed for the most stabilized impedance and the highest, uncompressed signal transfer available. The gold contacts maintain a higher bandwidth and maximum data signal integrity. Made with lead-free & environmental safe materials for a better world.
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- Triple Composite RCA (video and L+R audio, Yellow, Red, White)
- Color coded and labeled for easy connection
- One 20 gauge (AWG) solid bare copper covered steel conductor, for Video input plus two regular wires in the most cost effective way while still maintaining audio and great video input.
- RG-59U and 75-Ohm shielded coaxial cables wrapped by a round PVC jack for extra durability on the 20 AWG cable wire.
- Ultra high-density RCA plugs for better conductivity
- OEM package* Available in 6ft, 12ft, 25ft and 50ft © 2007 AMC America. All Rights Reserved.