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The AMC DIGI Media 4 Port HDMI 1.3 V Distribution Amplified Splitter is a distribution hub that sends the same video output to 4 HDTV digital screens. It is a flexible solution to accommodate multiple displays.
The splitter will automatically select the lowest resolution among multiple displays to handshake with the input device.


Splits HDMI signals to four HD Displays
HDMI Specification 1.3b Compliant
Support 36-bit Deep Color up to 1080P
HDMI firmware up-gradable, no compatibility issue
DVI Specification 1.3 Compliant
HDCP Rev 1.2 Specification Compliant
Plug and play. Installs in seconds

Note: If the Splitter has HDCP compliant issue, please contact us to upgrade the firmware from USB port.

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